Our working process

Welcome to the UK’s leading mobile operation. Working in partnership with FTY Lab and powered by the Elite Skills Arena we create an exhilarating and unique experience.



FTY FLY is a mobile operation using the latest training technology to offer ALL players a unique experience. Regardless of age and ability our equipment has something to offer for all. Whether you are looking to enhance your game, improve your technique or just simply play to have fun. FTY FLY offers hi-tech equipment built and designed by ESA. Players can practice their football skills in an interactive and competitive environment, whilst taking part in a truly unique experience.

With this experience come certain rules for our users to follow. This will help to ensure all players have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience. These rules also apply to our spectators and should be respected by all

Football Training


No metal blades, studs or plastic moulds are allowed when taking part in our indoor sessions. Astro turf trainers, running trainers and sports trainers only.

When taking part in our outdoor sessions, studded footwear is permitted when on grass or 3/4G. Astro turf trainers, running trainers and sports trainers are also suitable.

Please do not bring your own football, as FTY FLY will not take responsibility for any lost items.

No footballs outside of the stations.

Please wait patiently in the designated waiting zones outside of the arenas until it is your turn. When your time at the stations have finished, please exit to allow the next player to enter from the waiting zone.

If you suffer any injuries at FTY FLY, please report to the nearest member of staff to seek immediate first aid treatment.

Strictly no food, drinks or chewing gum allowed whilst using the equipment.

Check out our brand new booking system – For help, please read for more information or contact us



Please show respect to the FTY FLY staff and equipment available. Also respect other FTY FLY users and encourage, support offers during their experience.

FTY FLY prohibits any form of Discrimination or Bullying and there is to be no swearing, fighting, spitting or anti-social behaviour. FTY FLY staff reserve the right to dismiss any person(s) who breach any of the above.

FTY FLY staff reserve the right to refuse entry or ask someone to leave if they think that person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you have any questions or queries about our code of contact then please contact us. Our team have made sure your FTY FLY experience is enjoyable for all. FTY FLY Staff will remove anyone who is not adhering to the rules. This may mean a session cut short or refusal to enter the session. FTY FLY will be under no obligation to refund anyone, who has be seen to breaking our rules or failing to play to the terms of our code of conduc