Football is more than a match that takes place on the pitch; the game has evolved over the years and is an integral part of the community of the given city/town. Therefore, match days are about the whole experience and the overall fan engagement. This is being seen across all sports, we see fan parks across major football tournaments, we see whole festivals supporting Formula 1 weekends, fan engagement and how you can differentiate your proposition over everyone else through innovative activations is becoming critical for all sports.
FTY FLY David Beckham
FTY FLY Fast Feet Dwight Yorke


The FTY FLY equipment is truly unique with patent protection ensuring it remains that way and FTY FLY being a continued provider of the technology not just in the UK, but World Wide. The technology started out offering elite footballers a unique way to improve their skills and reaction times, and has been embraced by clubs and professionals worldwide, including the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. At FTY FLY we believe the technology is too good to only be available to elite player and we are passionate about being able to bring that same experience to the general public and local communities, regardless of peoples footballing experience or ability. As we see through our everyday lives’ technology is changing everything we do and the way we interact and the technology and gamification element of our equipment makes our offering second to none. With the blend of technology and football the FTY FLY experience encourages those with very little football experience or ability to want to return. From our engagements to date we have witnessed with the interactive element with our participants wanting more, often with children staying around the zones for hours on end for another turn. We feel this would a perfect matchday addition and we could even see spectators arriving earlier to matches to use the equipment


Without fans there is no football! FTY FLY will be fully engaged with supporters encouraging people to use the equipment and being supportive and communicative whilst using it. It is in the best interests of FTY FLY to get people using the equipment, the more people use it the more they will want to use it, which results in follow on business for us, if you succeed, we succeed. With FTY FLY you can rest assured you have a team who are comfortable with fan engagement as it is something we deal with on a day-to-day basis through our activities which include working in schools, charity and corporate events, team building exercises and more, where we meet and deal with people from all cultures, communities and backgrounds. We very much work in line with the organisations values of respect, unity, accountability, creativity and aspiration, we understand that we would in effect be representing the client so it’s imperative we make a great impression for the general public for both FTY FLY and the client.


The great thing about FTY FLY is the flexibility of the equipment and how it can provide for multiple activations ranging from a single unit being installed within the hospitality suite, equipment set up outside the stadium or even in the concourse. This provides you with the ability to pick and choose exactly how you want to best integrate FTY FLY into your overall fan experience. We have provided details of each of the pieces of equipment below and made suggestions for how and where it could be used. These are just initial ideas, and we would look to work collaboratively with yourselves to customise and optimise the offering for you.

As with all of our products we can offer full branding tailored to your fan zone. Branding can be displayed on both the inside and outside of each product, which helps to enhance the brand awareness. With the uniqueness of our products videos and photos are often taken of participants using the equipment. These are then quickly loaded on various social media platforms which reach a wider world wide audience.