FTY FLY offers and specialises in providing the ultimate experience to the customer. Our equipment can add value to your event and give the WOW factor to it's users.

Our equipment is not only unique but also adds fun and keeps the user engaged throughout the duration of the event. It can also add a level of competitiveness which is great when keeping the group involved.

We truly believe that we can add value to your event.

Our working process

Welcome to the UK’s leading mobile operation. Working in partnership with FTY Lab and powered by the Elite Skills Arena we create an exhilarating and unique experience.

FTY FLY Fast Feet



With 9 different game functions which can be changed by a simple click of a button, the 4 & 6 metre icon helps to keep participants and spectators engaged to maximise experience. A score is recorded at the end of each game and is visible for everyone to see, encouraging participants to take part in the experience multiple times. 


Similar to the 4 & 6 metre icon, the fast feet is smaller in size (2.5metres in diameter) but still offers the same great gamification and participant engagement. Due to it’s size this can be used indoors or within a garden area.


Built on the same principles as the 4 & 6 meter icon, again using all the same technology and gamification, the icon Q is 4 panelled arc which see’s participants face to face with the panels passing and receiving against it. This changes the dynamic and the skills required and therefore gives an additional challenge to participants and extends their overall engagement time.


A versatile goal simulation, perfect for shooting drills, free kicks, penalties and shooting accuracy. With the various options this can be played as a single player or against a partner. With multiple game functions you can challenge the participants skill and record scores to help create that competitive edge


Compete over a distance of up to 20 metres to see how quick the participant can run or dribble with the football. The beam breaker is very popular and competitive as scores/times are visible for all to see. Again, a very different activity to the icon range which provides variety to the event and extends the users engagement.